Build Your Own Home®

The Build Your Own Home® Program is offered exclusively through independent material suppliers and home centers that have franchised with Build Your Own Home®, LLC, of Syracuse, New York. For over 30 years, our program has allowed individuals to actively participate in the construction of their new home, using the highest quality building materials and subcontractors at the lowest possible prices. We offer a complete construction management program that allows individuals to participate in the construction process in varying degrees, based upon time, experience and ability. You choose your level of participation in each step of the program from the blueprints to the Certificate of Occupancy.

The Concept

The Build Your Own Home® Program is offered exclusively through authorized home centers and material suppliers through New York State. Our experience documents that the material suppliers who participate in the Build Your Own Home® Program are in the best position to provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible price, eliminating builder mark-ups and middlemen who raise the price of materials utilized in construction. The Program allows individuals to build their new homes at builders’ cost, with complete professional guidance through all phases of construction. Our professional consultants assist participants with construction loan financing, through local Lenders,  offering competitive rates. Whether you own your own land or are looking for land to purchase, our professional consulting team will assist you in all aspects of your new home project.

Land Development and Acquisition

We address the issues and concerns that you will have in developing your building lot for the construction of your new home. From sceptic system design, wells, driveways and other utilities, our professionally trained staff will guide you through both the cost and logistics of developing your building lot, in preparation for construction of your new home.

Looking for land? Our staff can even assist you in your search for the perfect piece of land for construction of your new dream home.

Building Design

At Build Your Own Home®, we offer 500 home plans that have been built throughout the northeast over the past 25 years. In addition, the Program offers complete customized home designs that are prepared with you in order to create the house of your dreams. Our in-house detailed cost analysis will allow you to select and modify your home plans and attain your desired price range prior to requiring any financial commitment on your part. Our professional in-house architectural staff further allows you to complete your construction drawings at the lowest possible cost.

The Budget Process

The Build Your Own Home® Program offers complete and continuous cost monitoring. The system provides you with a detailed analysis of the cost of your new home prior to construction, as well as regular computerized updates of the actual cost throughout completion of your new home. We provide you with the highest quality subcontractors in the area and establish a pre-approved contractor’s account with your material supplier. This allows actual costs to be monitored and maintained so as to complete your new home without any surprises. Our complete budget system includes everything that will go into your new home including architectural fees and surveying fees that may be applicable to the construction of your new home.

The Construction Process

With Build Your Own Home®, you make all if the decisions pertaining to the construction of your new home. You select the suppliers and all of the subcontractors who participate in the construction. You have the opportunity to review a variety of bids, meet with and obtain references from each of the subcontractors that you ultimately select to work on your new home. Based upon your abilities, you may also choose to perform some of the labor during the construction process. Our field representatives will continuously monitor the construction of your home and keep you advised on a day to day basis as to any issues or decisions regarding construction. Our team will schedule subcontractors, tradesmen, and the delivery of building materials, to ensure a smooth and efficient construction process. Without any prior experience, this unique program allows you, as a participant, a simple, effective way to Build Your Own Home®!